Anthony Ramon Bursey[ printer friendly ]

 Height:6' 1" 
 Race:African American 
 Hair Color:Brown 
 Eye Color:Brown 
   Case Information    
 OTN:G 868770-0 
 CC/CR/CA:CR 5925-2020 
 FTA Warrant Date:11/05/2020 

   Other Information    
 Charges:Manufacture Delivery Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver/ Possession Controlled Substance/ Use Possession Drug Paraphernalia / Driving Under Suspension

 Miscellaneous:Actor failed to appear for Formal Arraignment on 10/09/2020.

 Reward Offer:$750

 Reward Comment:Call 1-800-837-0211

 Law Enforcement Info: Bench Warrant Issued out of Allegheny County, PA.  
Additional Information:

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All fugitives should be considered armed and dangerous.
Do not attempt to apprehend. All warrants must be verified prior to apprehension.

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