We offer rewards for information leading to the apprehension of defendants who have jumped bail.

We can arrange for a confidential reward to be given to you for your assistance in bringing this person to justice.

All fugitives are considered armed and dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend. All warrants must be verified prior to apprehension.

Call 1-800-837-0211 if you have any information on any of the fugitives pictured below.

*Notice* No person or entity providing information as to the whereabouts of any fugitives or wanted persons are in any way authorized to represent themselves as agents acting on behalf of Liberty Bail Bonds and in no way are ever to represent themselves as members of law enforcement. No individuals are ever authorized to present credentials or display uniforms of any type. Nor are any individuals authorized to represent themselves to law enforcement or any other persons that they are acting at the direction or control of Liberty Bail Bonds, Inc., in the recovery of fugitives.
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For reward listed below, call 1-800-837-0211

Mark Falkner

Michael Fleming